Wyvern Ranch offers things that most people say money cannot buy.  Privacy.  Flexibility. Prestige. Credibility.

Wyvern Ranch is a private ranch that is fully fenced. The gated nature of Wyvern Ranch is ideal for producers, directors, managers, artists, and all production staff for feature films, commercials, music videos, television, catalog and other shoots.  It is in the greater Los Angeles area and thus the outdoor possibilities are year round.   While it is rustic, remote, and unspoiled, it is still in proximity to necessary modern comforts.   Wyvern Ranch is available for special events of all types and for short and longer term rentals.

It is hard to find unless you are in the know.

Besides miles of dirt track for motocross, quads, BMX, hiking and other outdoor sports, there is a motocross track, a supercross track, a mini-bike track, and a foam pit.  You can film a jump off dirt or a jump off ramps.  A water truck as well as in-ground irrigation and landscaping only enhance our rugged yet accessible landscape.  Oil rigs dot the property as well as wildlife, breathtaking vistas, mountains, valleys, cactus and California Oak trees. Whether you want a shooting location for a movie, video, or print ad or whether you are looking to rent private lands for your next corporate camp out, you should consider getting to know about Wyvern.  Quiet, peaceful, and private are all words used to describe the Ranch.

Gorgeous vistas await.

Learn why Wyvern Ranch is called, “The Dirtiest Place in Heaven” for yourself!  This slice of paradise is a truly unique gem.

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